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Tamarind Seed Husk

Sri Balasanka Mill is a well certified company which is engaged is manufacturing and supplying of high calorific value Tamarind Seed Husk. This husk is basically the brown outer shell of tamarind seed which is obtained only after proper decortications of roasted seeds. Once the decortication process is completed, about 35% of Tamarind Seed Husk is produced which is also a bye product. This is a very useful product and is widely used as cattle feed and fuel. The exact composition of the seed husk is of about 20 – 22% Tannins and 20 – 22% fiber. Along with this, we also offer various other useful products that include Water Soluble Tamarind Powder, Tamarind Kernel Husk, Dried Tamarind Seed Husk, and many more.

Products Features:

  •     Used for imparting color-fast shades to wool
  •     Zero moisture
  •     Good economical and burning characteristics (Power Plant Burning Fuel)
  •     Useful for Tannin extraction, used in the leather industry

Tamarind Kernel Powder
Tamarind Kernel Powder
TKP 07
Tamarind Kernel Powder forms uniform solution on heating with water while stirring. Maximum viscosity is usually obtained after boiling the dispersion for 20-30 min.